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I’m Rip Stauffer, Principal and Senior Consultant. Please consider this the one stop you will need in finding answers to all your Quality and Continual Improvement questions. Explore the site: browse through the articles and case studies, comment on the blog, check out the links to strategic partners and information sources. If you can’t find your answer here, please call or email with any questions.

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Welcome to Woodside Quality!

If you're looking for Six Sigma Training and Consulting, look no further! Woodside Quality Solutions is a Deming-based Quality and Management Consulting firm, located in Reston, Virginia; dedicated to assisting enterprise leaders enhance and achieve their strategic visions through rational, knowledge-based decision-making. With over 25 years’ experience in a broad range of industries, and an exceptionally strong network of affiliates and Strategic Alliance Partners, we can provide an effective suite of services—from Strategic Planning to execution via innovative Six Sigma and Lean methods—custom-tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

What do we provide?

Keen InsightKeen Insight from Six Sigma Quality

Sound DecisionsSix Sigma and Statistical Quality Control lead to better business decsions.

Exceptional ResultsSix Sigma Quality with Statistical Process Control will bring Exceptional Results.

How do we provide them?

Strategic Initiative Deployment - Our preferred method of operations is to partner with your organization: to first assess, understand and (if needed) strengthen your business strategy; then to provide guidance and tools for deploying that strategy and measuring progress; and to build competency and agility throughout your system toward achievement of all your strategic goals and objectives. Along the journey, we offer ongoing coaching to help ease the transition toward your vision.

Customized Training - We will work with you customize training materials that fit your culture, your operations and your brand. Continuous Improvement specialists (i.e.,Black Belts and Green Belts) will learn tools using data from your organization, and practice their newly-acquired skills by solving problems from your industry, all presented in a format that’s seamless with your other training materials and brand identity.

Ongoing Coaching and Support - W. Edwards Deming was fond of stating that “Quality begins with education and ends with education.” Training and education, for all levels of the organization, are a vital part of any set of initiatives aimed at strengthening a quality management system. As great as our training is, we recognize that you can’t train your way to excellence; ongoing coaching and support will reinforce the training and cut the false start rate for your improvement efforts. Woodside will provide ongoing coaching to your Black Belts and Green Belts, as well as continuing education and advice for the executives leading your Six Sigma deployment.